New York Cinematography Awards (Winner of Best Director & Best Actress) 
Changing Face International Film Festival (Nomination: Best Drama Short)
Stockholm City Film Festival (Best COVID-19 Short)
Spotlight Film Awards (Spotlight Gold Award for Excellence) 

American (US) Premiere 
Burbank International Film Festival, Sept 11th @ 2:30pm at AMC Burbank, LA 
Golden State Film Festival, Date TBD, TCL Chinese Theatres 6, Los Angeles, CA

United Kingdom Premieres
Wales International Film Festival, Sept 15-17th (online/digital screening)
Jane Austen International Film Festival, Sept 16 2021at The Little Theatre, Bath UK

Canadian Premiere
Hamilton Film Festival, Nov 12 2021 at the Westdale Theatre, Hamilton
We are living in extraordinary times. ‘400 Days Later’ is drawn from my own experience during the pandemic, the stories I have heard and bared witness to, and my own research during this time. The film is meant to speak to and for those who are living through COVID-19, and struggling to stay true to their craft during a time when theater & arts organizations are fighting to survive. 

The film also examines humans and their ability to live in the moment. Pre-pandemic, many were caught up in chronic busyness, structuring their lives around always being somewhere or having somewhere to be. It was not until COVID-19 abruptly forced a global slowdown that people had to face living life without structure and the anxieties they were so desperately repressing with their abundance of activities. 

It is for this reason that Molly’s character (the dog) was so crucial to me – dogs are masters of living in the present. They lack a sense of the past and future like we do, for them, it is enough to enjoy today. My hope is that those who see the film find themselves considering: What is the nature of happiness, our relationship to one another, and time? And is lost time indeed lost – or is it an opportunity to achieve a new level of understanding?
Natalie is a single woman in her 30s, living in an apartment in the city. She has a puppy Molly, and is a driven and bohemian individual who takes pride in her vocation as a theater actress. She is preparing for an upcoming stage production, ‘A Gentleman’s Companion’, in which she is the lead.

Juliet is a woman in her 30s, currently in a relationship and Head of Digital Marketing at an agency in the city. She is an old friend of Natalie’s from high school, where the pair used to be inseparable. Since then, life and various commitments have caused the pair to drift apart, but they still keep in touch from time to time.
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