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★★★★⅖ (4.4/5)
"Throughout its under 10-minute long narrative, nothing is overplayed or stretched. Neither the characters, nor their setting and certainly not the dialogues. In fact, this two-character-starring short relies on its audience to understand and pick up on its storytelling...what we get is a certain Natalie, whose character arc speaks volumes. 400 Days Later is an honest attempt at showing the mirror to the spiralling of artists and the industry they call their home. In Natalie’s own journey, and struggles at surviving and finding hope, we see a sliver of ourselves and are reminded that nothing, not even this pandemic can last forever."

"The best of the Covid-themed films I've seen so far...This was a great film - honest and true. Everything from the to-the-point camera work to the excellent cast portrayals just feeds the machine pushing this story. There's so much to love about the technical choices being kept on the down-to-earth level that I feel the need to actually write that. Everything pushes you into the story."

"This achievement is a gloomy look into how the lockdown affects people's lives. It shows the pain of not experiencing life, but also explains that better times lie ahead."

"400 Days Later hits on the themes of the isolation and uncertainty of the future that we’ve experienced this past year...[examining] the value we place not only on our right to survive but on living as well. Running at under ten minutes, director Stephen Bell and writer Angela Bell effectively tell Natalie’s story all through body language and casual dialogue. Her story is poignant and offers hope as we once again return to life."

"In many respects, 400 Days Later, speaks far beyond the interminable COVID-driven crisis confronting the performing arts...there is, perhaps even more compellingly, an urgency, a potent impulse to give voice to the human spirit at large at work here as well — the unmasking of identity, the need to build and strengthen a sense of self."

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